Subliminals Work- FAQ


1. What are subliminal recordings?

Our subliminal recordings utilize carefully chosen voice affirmations that are played at a volume lower than what the human ear can hear. When the affirmations are played low enough to bypass the ear, they will also bypass the conscious mind and penetrate directly into the core of your mind. All our voice affirmations are recorded by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

You can accomplish anything your subconscious is programmed for, but programming your subconscious has always been a challenge because the conscious mind acts as a bodyguard. This is what subliminal messaging is designed to do. It is a way to sneak past your conscious bodyguard and make real change.

2. How can it work if I can't hear it?

You can not hear the affirmations but you may notice them. They play so low that they blend right in. Your subconscious mind can absorb much more than your conscious mind can hear. Your brain is constantly absorbing and responding to outside influences everyday, and most times you don't even notice it. Subliminals are designed to be picked up by the subconscious without your conscious mind even knowing it.

There are an abundance of documented studies and scientific tests that conclude that subliminal program is effective and safe. To read more about these studies, please see our Reference Data Page

3. Do I need to do anything more than listen?

Subliminal recordings will help you make changes and progressions, but the effects will be amplified if you decide to put in your own effort. Subliminals can give you that extra edge and help your mind operate at it's peak. Common roadblocks like doubt, fear, and laziness can be eliminated with the use of subliminal recordings, but you must also do your part. If you make up your mind that you are ready for change and make it happen, then it will happen. And subliminal recordings can help you get there.

4. Is there any scientific studies or backing?

Absolutely! You can read all about scientific studies on our Reference Data Page

5. What will I hear while listening?

You will hear a blend of relaxing music and bells. From time to time you may notice the voice affirmations but you will not be able to clearly hear them. They are played at a low level to bypass the conscious and penetrate the subconscious.

6. What are the affirmations in each recording?

Unlike other vendors, all our affirmations are approved and recorded by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Each track has been individually written to program your subconscious with positive affirmations. Each recording has 7 affirmations that each repeat for more than 4 minutes!

7. Is subliminal programming dangerous?

No. There is no danger listening to subliminals. You can listen to them just about anywhere and at anytime. For safety reasons, we recommend not to drive and listen because you may become relaxed. Safe driving requires to you to awake and alert.

8. Can children use subliminal programs

Sure. There is no reason to believe subliminals can cause harm to children. We just recommend being part of your child's development and always be aware of what your child is doing.

9. What makes us better than other subliminal options?

Our subliminal affirmations are approved and recorded by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the tracks themselves are composed by professionals! This means you can be assured you are purchasing the real deal. There are many other websites that are selling recordings that have poor affirmations. Actually, some of the more popular ones are using negative words in their affirmations... You want to stay away from this because this will result in mis-programming.

10. How long is each track?

Each recording plays for 30 minutes and contains 7 affirmations. Each affirmation will repeat for over 4 minutes for maximum penetration.

11. How often should I listen?

There is no concern of listening too much. Listening 4 to 7 times a week is a solid routine. If you want to listen more, you can. Or maybe you just want to listen while your exercising. That's also fine. Every mind is different, and usually it isn't the length of listening that makes the difference. It is the change in the listeners attitude and desire that makes them succeed. And hopefully our subliminals can help you get there!

12. Are Results Permanent?

Our subliminals are designed to help you program your own mind for success. Will your success be permanent? That depends on you. If you use the subliminals to become rich, you can lose the riches if you act irresponsibly. In the opposite aspect, if you use subliminals to increase your IQ, you can keep increasing your intelligence if you keep your mind sharp. Making the results permanent is completely up to the practitioner.

13. Are Headphones required?

No. You can listen with or without headphones. Headphones do cancel out more background noise while directing the audio straight to the ear, so if you have comfortable headphones, it never hurts to use them.

14. Can I listen while I sleep?

Absolutely. The subconscious is awake and ready to absorb as you sleep.

15. Can I listen while I am actively doing things?

Yes. Subliminals can be used when your doing chores, working, cleaning, exercising, etc. Just don't use subliminal recordings while you drive.

16. Can I listen while I drive?

We do not recommend listening while operating anything dangerous because the music can make you quite relaxed and you should be alert and awake when driving.

17. Do I need to understand English?

Yes. Our affirmations are all recorded in English. So basic understanding of the language is recommended.

1. What are the steps to purchase subliminals in the app?

When you first enter this app, a full 30-minute "Relaxation" recording is offered for free in your "Library". Please listen to it and experience on how our session works. If you'd like to purchase more, go to "Store" and wait till store data completes updating. Tap on the subliminal title that interests you to learn more. You can also browse the subliminal titles based on “Category”. Simply tap the ‘Category’ button in the upper-right corner, and select the category you are interested in.

To purchase a subliminal recording, simply tap the “Purchase” button. After the purchase, the "Purchase" button will change into "Download". Then, you can download the subliminal recording to your “Library”.

Note: After the purchase, the subliminal recording will be added to the "Library" within the app. You can tap in "Library" and find it. Finally, tap ‘Play’ button to play it.

2. I Lost My purchases, how do I get the app/the subliminal recordings back?

To get your purchases back, please reinstall the app on your device first. And then, go to 'Library' and Tap 'Restore' button. Please make sure you are using the same account used for the original purchase.